Ontario Homebuilder 2018

“Masters of Disaster” an article written by Ted McIntyre in the recent edition of Ontario Home Builder – Renovation 2018 offers renovation wisdom given by both Tony and Joe Gatti.

The trust factor has to be paramount…It sounds weird, but I tell people not to look at the dollar value when interviewing contractors. You’ve got to be able to work with the guy and trust them. Then you can work on the dollar value. – Tony Gatti

One scary thing – and we always tell people this – is to stay away from the one-man show … you cannot be an electrician and a plumber and a gas-fitter and a carpenter and a drywaller. I’ve never met anyone who carried four licences! You’d be 40 years in apprenticeship. You don’t want anyone who says they can do everything – manage the project, buy the materials, do inspections, deal with you, deal with the designers, swing a hammer and do the electrical and plumbing. – Joe Gatti

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