The Gatti Group Corp - TO Star Article - The Pandemic will change our homes - This is how - May 27 2020
Toronto Star | The pandemic will change our homes. This is how
By Tracy Hanes, Special to the Star
May 27, 2020

The Toronto Star’s recent article, “The pandemic will change our homes. This is how,” asks GTA home builders and interior design professionals for their take on how future home building and design will change due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The article suggests home offices will become a necessity, and so along with it, “a few more walls going up” to create segregated spaces. Additional spaces will be created for those who “learn from home” and also to accommodate multi-aged residents. Other design trends include hygienic surfaces and built-in delivery boxes.

Tony Gatti suggests that home building will shift away from esthetics to focus on hygiene, flexibility, and functionality.

“This is not going to end anywhere soon, there are more and more kids with learning disabilities and working at the dining room table might not cut it,” said Gatti. “You have to take all things into consideration when dealing with families and their needs. It’s not just about picking tiles and paint colours.”

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